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We provide Multi generational caregiving options that you can trust

The modern world is full of opportunities, but it can also be overwhelming. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. This is especially true when it comes to finding expert caregivers to aid in the care of your loved ones. Fortunately, domestic referral agencies (DRA’s) provide a valuable services to those in need.

When it comes to finding a caregiver there are typically 3 ways to hire –

  • work with an employer based company (the most expensive as they have larger overhead costs that get passed on to you)
  • work with a DRA (a less expensive route as they have little overhead costs)
  • Scour job boards and find your own service provider (cheapest by far, but you have to do all of your own vetting yourself)

I live out of state and as my parents age I worry constantly about their health and well being. Having Home Cares Finest assistance with finding the right person locally who could do random well checks as well as driving my Parents to Drs Appointments is a huge relief for me. We absolutely love our attendant Maria and Theresa who make the scheduling a breeze. I highly recommend them.

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We are dedicated to maintaining quality in personal care

Finding the right kind of care for family members, no matter their age, can be difficult we help you to find the perfect fit for your families needs.

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Whether you need a full time Nanny, a temporary sitter, or a care attendant for your older family members we understand that finding the right kind of care for family members can be difficult, as it’s important to maintain high standards of safety and dependability.


Our Child care providers offer a variety of child related services to fit your families needs: Nannies, Mothers Helpers, Sitters and Infant Care Specialists to name a few. The role of a Child Care Provider is to provide a caring, safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment in which the children can develop and thrive. Each of our Child Caregivers have been extensively screened, personally interviewed, and references verified. Our Nannies come with a variety of education, experience, and certifications. Before they are available for placement, our Nannies have a full background check run that includes criminal, sex offender and driving records checked.  We verify that their vaccinations and immunizations are up to date 


We place only experienced Care givers and Companions with Clients. Our caregivers offer a variety of non medical and skilled services including live in, bathing, all personal and household errands, driving, meal prep, cooking, housekeeping, well checks and overall daily care.  We match your needs with service providers who are the best equippedd to fit those needs. Prior to placement our candidates have had all of their creditials verified,  they have been personally interviewed and will have a full background check that includes criminal, sex offender and  driving records prior to placement. We also verify their vaccinations and immunizations are all up to date

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Our Agency will work with you to replace any service provider who may not be a perfect match for your home and family

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Frequently Asked

What can we help with today?

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions

A Domestic Referral Agency (DRA) is often referred to as an Employment placement Agency.  Our type of Employment Agency operated under the Employment agency act and California Civil code 1812.5000 – 1812.5095

When a client requests their own interview with a referred caregiver through our Agency, they do so with the understanding that the caregiver is not the agencies employee, that they are independent caregivers working under contract through the Agency, as such they the client will pay a 3rd party payment company who is responsible for billing and payment service.

Each Caregiver sets their own rates dependent on the type of work needed, the hours worked and other variables.  The Agency adds a small fee to cover the 3rd party payroll processing and our fees.  Negotiations for the caregiver’s payments are settled between the client and caregiver.  The Caregiver reserves the rights to renegotiate their rates at any time

As part of our screening process we require that each professional has at least 2 years of verifiable experience within the field of their choice or are licensed as a CNA or HHA.  We run comprehensive background checks and check their personal and professional references.  Only then do we set up in person where we check that each person had a current TB clearance, CPR certificate, a DMV report with clean history and their proof of their ability to legally work in the United States .  Those who pass all of these steps will then be sent for a drug test and we will verify that they are registered with either Trustline or Home care aid registry (both are programs run by the State of California for the protection of Children and Elderly)